Business Financing

A Business Finance Company That Understands Your Needs

Brentwood Finance Company knows that for a business in transition, finding the right financing can make all the difference for future success. Brentwood has a deep passion for the companies that we invest in and strive to deliver financing solutions unique to each business, especially for those that are growing, need non-traditional financing, and have the drive to succeed. Our focus is to provide our industry-diverse clients with the capital, expertise, and support they need to reach their full potential and create greater possibilities.

What Makes Brentwood Finance Company Different?

Hands On

Brentwood takes a hands on approach that is unique to each business. Our team digs into the operations, financials, accounting, customer relations, policies and procedures to become a better member of your team.

Diverse Team

Brentwood's team is diverse and we believe that the combination of vast industry knowledge, investment experience, and operational expertise results in your company's success.

Small Businesses

Brentwood is focused on investing in and developing small and unique businesses in all industries that represent long term value creation opportunities.

Investment Process - A Personalized Approach

As an active investor, we look for companies where our strategy can have a meaningful impact on businesses and add long term value to each company. Our investment process includes the following:

Defining Objectives

We get to know your business and see if its needs fit into our portfolio and investment requirements.

Financing Strategy

We will develop a customized financing strategy based on your company's needs and our company's wants.

Due Diligence

We utilize our well-established industry knowledge and expertise when reviewing all important documentation, while collaborating with the management teams on strategies to enhance growth and profitability.

Finalize Deal

Once the details of the deal have been finalized Brentwood Finance Company and your company's management team will start working together to implement the strategy.

Strategic Exit

When our partnership comes to an end, we will determine an exit strategy that is mutually beneficial and ensures the future success of our client.

If you would like to find out more about our business financing services and business investment processes, please contact us today.