Commercial Mortgage Banking

Commercial Mortgage Banking

Brentwood Finance Company specializes in positioning both equity and debt for most types of value add commercial and non-owner occupied real estate. As a leader in the California real estate market. Brentwood delivers both products and services that lead to enhanced investment performance for our clients. We are well positioned to combine capital market expertise with extensive hands-on commercial real estate experience.

Due to our vast knowledge and expertise, Brentwood is able to offer creative structuring to provide our clients with the optimal cape structure access to the right capital and enhance the value of each transaction.

We know that selecting the right type of capital is the most critical component of any real estate transaction and requires someone with the right expertise to facilitate that decision. Let Brentwood be that expert for you.

Loan Programs

  • Bridge loans
  • Construction loans
  • Credit facilities
  • Joint venture equity
  • Mezzanine debt
  • Note sales and note financing
  • Permanent loans
  • Preferred equity
  • Recapitalization / sale of
  • partnership interest

Property Types

  • Hotel & Resort
  • Industrial
  • Office
  • Land Development/Housing
  • Senior Housing
  • Single Tenant
  • Specialty
  • Land
  • Medical Office
  • Retail
  • Single Family Rental
  • Communities
  • Condominiums
  • Multifamily

Let BFC's network work for you

Brentwood maintains close relationships with a vast and diverse group of capital providers. from traditional lenders to emerging sources covering the entire risk spectrum. We do this so our clients have options.

Senior Debt

Brentwood maintains relationships with a vast number of both private and Industrial capital providers, that offer solutions for both large and small transactions. Our debt partners are from local, regional, and national individuals and institutions giving our clients the most options for a successful closing. Brentwood's value to a transaction extends past our vast network and into our expertise with loan structuring while assisting our clients to determine the most advantageous structure for the investment.


Brentwood specializes in high risk financing. We have partners that offer a variety of options including second trust deeds, loans secured by a pledge of partnership interest, or preferred equity. The options available to our clients are vast. We know that designing structured financing is an art, and that is something that Brentwood excels in. We have expertise in finding financing to accommodate any of our clients special needs.


Along with debt, Brentwood has worked tirelessly to maintain our relationship with a large number of equity investors. From large, passive institutional investors to small. opportunistic family investors. Brentwood has the right fit for you. Let Brentwood structure, megotiate, and anticipate all potential risks because we believe in setting up a strong, long term relationship that is a success for every player involved.

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