Commercial Real Estate Lending

Delivering a wide array of financing solutions for both conventional and challenging real estate transactions.

Customized and Tailored Business Financing

Discover business financing solutions offering the capital, expertise and one-on-one support tailored to achive any business' growth goals.

A Real Finance Solution

Experience driven financing solutions for the business and commercial real estate industries.

Financing and Investment Solutions

Nationwide, Brentwood Finance Company is known for its depth of expertise in both the real estate and business markets. For decades, Brentwood has successfully been managing and financing projects all over the United States. With our wealth of knowledge and experience, Brentwood understands the specific challenges that come with each unique investment.

Let Brentwood Finance Company help you overcome these challenges and be a REAL financing solution for you.

Services Provided

Business Financing

Brentwood Finance Company has the tools to help your business succeed with our traditional lending or customized, hybrid lending products that focus on positioning your business to succeed. Whether you're seeking liquidity, going through a generational transition, or require capital for growth or recapitalization, Brentwood is your go to business financing solution.

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Commerical Real Estate Lending

Working closely with our limitless commercial real estate experience and relationships developed through the years, Brentwood Finance Company can be the best solution for real estate investors for practical commercial lending options. As both a real estate investor and direct lender, Brentwood has the insight and experience to help you source the most suitable financing option for your real estate project- and we can get it done quickly.

Commerical Capital Markets

Why Choose Brentwood Finance Company?

  • Brentwood Finance Company offers old fashion service, with a modern approach;
  • Brentwood Finance Company offers creative lending solutions that no other lender can offer;
  • Brentwood Finance Company brings specific industry knowledge and insight to each loan;
  • Brentwood Finance Company will help you achieve focus and clarity by developing a comprehensive and customized strategy; and
  • Brentwood Finance Company will be your partner from start to close.

For both business and real estate financing, you can call on Brentwood's expertise to help you succeed.

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