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  • 9687 Tesla Road in Livermore, CA.
  • Loan amount of $787,500
  • 75% LTV on purchase price of $1,050,000
  • Private bridge loan to acquire property sitting on 5 acres with agriculture zoning.
  • Exit will be a construction loan to expand property footprint.
  • Loan referred by RE agent.


  • 1814 Curtner Avenue, San Jose CA 95124
  • $1,250,000 purchase loan on $1,250,000 purchase price
  • 100% financing for subject property
  • 58% CLTV on property and down leg
  • Private bridge loan to acquire up leg property as part of a reverse 1031 exchange
  • Exit will be from the sale of the down leg property


  • 435 Vernon Street, Oakland CA 94610
  • Loan Amount $1,050,000.00
  • Aquisition bridge loans for planned communal living


  • 2332 Harrison & 143 Bay Place, Oakland, CA 94610
  • Loan amount $2,700,000.00
  • Acquisition bridge loan to expand adjacent student housing

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